A wordsmith understands the undeniable power of words, the magic in finding the most effective way of getting a point across.

A messagist knows how to lead words in the delicate dance between presenter and audience. For those words to matter, they must be part of a strategic and honed message. I love the space between the elocution and execution of a message.

The question is not how to break through the noise, but how to linger once you do.

A good communicator gets both language and how people respond to it. Throw in some savvy for smart design and modern media, and you've got a writer who can surpass any challenge. That's me.

Every project gets the same high energy from me -- from the creation of an overall strategy to the finessing of that last bit of text. I obsess over how words are strung, spun, or sung. I am fascinated by how language can unite and divide, ignite and inspire, and every so often, change a mind.

I write, therefore.